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Automobility Medical

Hand controls and pedal extenders for automobiles.

MINI-COUPE: Weight capacity: 250lbs Auto-latching lockup mechanism for simple frame separation with only one hand All new frame design easily disassembles for convenient transport and storage Convenient 2 x 15 Amp battery pack provides increased driving range Colors available: Red
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InterMotive, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic control systems for the work truck, transit, emergency response, RV, and personal-use markets. Most of our products communicate with the chassis via the CAN Bus and are plug and play to the chassis, eliminating cutting of...

Whether you are living with loss of limb or lack of feeling, strength or stability, or you are just ready for a better driving experience, DADC makes a hand control that puts you back on the road in safety, comfort and style.

CCI, the manufactur of the ARMSTRONG wheel chair lift. This electric accuated lift mounts to the rear interrior, and uses no cargo area. Removable when not needed wieghing only 35lbs., is a new breed of lift. Available in custom color's to match most vehi